The Inverview Fights Kim Jong Un

Sony Pictures is planing on releasing “The Interview,” which centers on a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Due to fear of terrorism some theatres have pulled the move, but it seems that CEOs at Sony made a mistake. images

According to most Americans, Kim Jong Un is a joke with a small malnourished army and a few old nukes. Old nukes are like old balls… very cool to look at, sometimes smelly and at sometimes you have some fall out… Fall out ha ha.

About the hackers… they call themselves the “un Hackers”. These hackers were also responsible for the “home depot information breach” last year. The claim was never made, but we know it. 10-things-in-tech-you-need-to-know-today

The media buzz is turning this comedy movie into a blockbuster hit, but the only thing Sony hit here is the free publicity.

The real terror threat is actual watching the movie. Insiders say ‘its meant to be stupid’ and so be prepared to be disappointed.